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This is a proven system. The shopping cart fully runs on our Secure Servers (Fully PCI and DSS Compliant) so you don't need to become a security expert and it makes it a Plug N Play system. Once your account is setup on our secure server you can plug it into your website and start taking orders!

Easy to use HTML Form Wizard

With our HTML form wizard there is no programming required. The code is automatically generated and all you need to do is copy the code and paste it into your webpage as HTML. That will build the add to cart button on your page that will connect to your shopping cart on our Secure Servers and start Selling! It’s simple. Anyone can do it!


Here are our most frequently asked questions.

We have put together this section to provide you with information the demo may not have given you. Our shopping cart has several powerful features, making it very flexible, but also beyond the scope of a single demonstration.

The section is divided into common topics, with various questions and answers. Choose which feature you would like to know more about. If your question has not been answered here, please e-mail us and we will provide you with the information as soon as possible.



Will the cart work with my current web site?
Yes. The cart runs on standard HTML forms, with parameters passed back to our servers. To make integration even easier, you can obtain an HTML Form Wizard in the Merchant Tools area, this wizard will write all the necessary code for you, which you can then paste into your own pages. The CGI Directory is on our servers, so you will not need cgi permissions from your webhost.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can use with the cart?
No. You can have an unlimited number of items.

Do I need to install any software on my site?
No. The cart is housed on our servers. All processing is done from this location. You will only need to pass the form fields to our servers from your pages.

Can I use framesets?
Yes. Framesets are supported. To easily target the framesets, you can use the HTML Form Wizard.

Where is a customer directed to when they choose to continue shopping after adding an item to their cart?
When a customer adds an item or items to their cart they are directed to a page generated on our servers. This page contains either a text or image link to prompt the customer to continue shopping. By default this will link to either your home page or the page you specified when you set up your account.

Can I change where they are directed to?
Yes. By passing a parameter in your forms, you can determine which page this text or button should direct them to. For example you can direct a customer back to the page they came from.

I am just starting my internet business, and know very little about programming and design. Will this be difficult for me to integrate or use?
Yes and No. The cart runs on standard HTML form tags, so some knowledge regarding forms and their programming requirements is assumed. If programming is new to you, or you are uncomfortable with the idea of programming it yourself, you might want to consider purchasing our “Works” package that includes all you need, including cart service and programming.


Does the cart calculate shipping?
Yes. Shipping charges are calculated and added to the final total order.

Can I use various shipping methods?
Yes, your customers can choose various shipping methods and costs such as Overnight, or Ground. The costs will be calculated accordingly.

Can I markup shipping costs to cover handling also?
Yes, just let us know what rates to charge and we will add them to your cart setup.

Can I ship internationally?
Yes, if you specify to us which carrier will be doing your international shipping. If you are using a standard carrier, with no markup on shipping we may already have the shipping tables available. If you are not using a standard carrier, or wish to markup the shipping, please e-mail us for more information on how to do this.

Can I ship using a range of prices, such as orders over $50.00 are charged no shipping?
Yes, just let us know the price ranges.

Can I leave out shipping altogether?
Yes, you can add the cost of shipping on a per item basis, or you can eliminate it altogether for items that do not require it, such as downloadables.


Will the cart calculate sales tax?
Yes, tax can be calculated on a state by state basis. By default no tax is charged on an order. You must specify which states are taxable, and the percentage. This must be setup on the server, so if you are planning on charging sales taxes, please let us know.

Can I tax multiple states?
Yes, because taxes are calculated on a state by state basis, you can specify taxes for each state in which you are required to charge it.

How does the system know which customers should pay taxes and which shouldn’t?
The taxes are charged according to the shipping state. If you charge taxes for the state of California, and the customer is shipping the item to California, then taxes will be charged.


In the Golf Tees example, you added a drop-down list for the different colors. How does the system track multiple choice items?
Each product has a unique part number. Many other carts require you to assign a single part number to an item, with variations on the colors or sizes. Our system allows you to assign a unique part number to each item, even if it is part of a choice, such as Wooden Tees Red, Orange, or Green.


How will I know when I have an order?
When an order is placed on your shopping cart you will receive an email notification of the order and details of the specific order.

Do I need to issue a receipt?
No, the customer is also sent an e-mail confirming their order and the amount.

What about the security of E-Mail?
All information pertaining to credit card payment is stripped from all e-mail before being sent out.

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