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This is a proven system. The shopping cart fully runs on our Secure Servers (Fully PCI and DSS Compliant) so you don't need to become a security expert and it makes it a Plug N Play system. Once your account is setup on our secure server you can plug it into your website and start taking orders!

Easy to use HTML Form Wizard

With our HTML form wizard there is no programming required. The code is automatically generated and all you need to do is copy the code and paste it into your webpage as HTML. That will build the add to cart button on your page that will connect to your shopping cart on our Secure Servers and start Selling! It’s simple. Anyone can do it!


yes-check Integrates easily and smoothly with PayPal Standard And Pro

yes-check Integrates easily and smoothly with Virtual Merchant

yes-check Integrates easily and smoothly with Cybersource

yes-check Validates credit card numbers

yes-checkEasy to setup and use

yes-check Calculate shipping based on zip code range

yes-check Integrates well with frontpage, dreamweaver, trellix and about any other html editor or  storebuilder.

yes-check Programmable discounts based on total order, number of items and discount/coupon codes

yes-check Programmable gift certificates

yes-check Web browser administration

yes-check Email address verification

yes-check Automatic formatting credit card numbers with spaces

yes-check CVV2 option with real-time credit card processing for fraud prevention

yes-check Price, Part No, shipping, weight and tax adjustable based on an option

yes-check Accepts both billing and shipping address

yes-check Flexible tax options including tax rates by state, country, and flat tax

yes-check Flexible shipping options including UPS, USPS and FedEx auto calculation based on weight and zip codes

yes-check Specify a minimum order amount

yes-check Discount code can be programmed to give percent off and free shipping for specific shipping types

yes-check Validation of required fields

yes-check User Registration-Includes optional users database with registration, remember customer information, checking order status, email forgotten password etc…

yes-check Easy to use HTML form wizard

If you have not found an option that you are looking for please email us and let us know what you are looking for. Chances are very good that we can help. We are a veteran e-commerce company that handles most any need out there.

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