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This is a proven system. The shopping cart fully runs on our Secure Servers (Fully PCI and DSS Compliant) so you don't need to become a security expert and it makes it a Plug N Play system. Once your account is setup on our secure server you can plug it into your website and start taking orders!

Easy to use HTML Form Wizard

With our HTML form wizard there is no programming required. The code is automatically generated and all you need to do is copy the code and paste it into your webpage as HTML. That will build the add to cart button on your page that will connect to your shopping cart on our Secure Servers and start Selling! It’s simple. Anyone can do it!

Website Design

We have designed websites for clients Since 1996 so for just over 15 years now.  Through the years we have watched the internet grow as a marketing medium and marketplace.  We have learned many things through the years that help us make your website successful and profitable.

One of the most common questions we get is “we need a website that we can edit, add products, change prices witout any programming knowledge”.  So we have tested about every webbuilder and CMS system available out there today.

We have settled on what we feel is the most robust, scaleable and supported system in the world.  WordPress is the CMS system we use to build websites.  I heard recently that approximately 17% of the internet is built on WordPress.  That is pretty impressive and those numbers are just getting bigger every day so the really good news for you is that it’s not going away and will just keep getting better and better.

WordPress is normally a blogging software but we have morphed the software into a powerful and easily managable website Content Management System.  With some simple training that we provide anyone can easily manage your website and web store.

The other very good news for you is that WordPress is pretty much a google magnet out of the box.  It is built to give google what they want for the optimal search results.  That means more traffic and better profits for you!  We also add some powerful tools to the normal system to make your website a powerful SEO optimized google magnet.

All of our websites include:

  • Highly customized WordPress installation that includes the tools needed for the best possible website congfiguration.
  • SEO Website Optimizing Tools – All the tools needed to make your website an SEO powerhouse.
  • SEO Sitemap – Sitemaps are bait for the search engines that make your content easy for them to include in their searches.  This is a must in any good web design.
  • Google Analytics – Full integration with Google analytics so you know all the details of your visitors, how they found your website, what they do when they get there, what pages they view and much more.
  • Social Networking Integration – Full integration with all the social networking sites like facebook, twitter, youtube and many more.
  • SEO optimized Product Catalog and Shopping Cart – Secure Checkout Process.
  • Email Marketing software built into the WordPress System for full control over email campaigns, auto responders etc.  This is a huge marketing opportunity for any business.

We are veterans at taking a site from the start to the point of taking the first order in the smoothest, quickest and most effective ways possible.

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